snesDS is a Super Nintendo SNES roms emulator for Nintendo DS. Loopy ported his Gameboy Advance version of the emu called SnesAdvance to NDS. With snesDS you can play some compatible SuperNES game roms on DS at full speed and with sound.

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  • snesDS - the emulator that started it all and undeniably proved that SNES can be emulated on DS.
  • Loneness® - SNES emulator for Nintendo R4 DS Flash Cards
  • SNEmulDS - one of the best Emulator for running SNES roms on NDS consoles
  • DSTwo NDSSFC - Super Famicom and Super Nintendo emulator plug-in built exclusively for DSTWO cards. Works only on DSTWO do to on-board CPU that is not present in other R4DS like cards.
  • SnezziDS - GBA SNES emulator by bubble2k called Snezzi was ported to Nintendo DS with a few DS fixes and Gary's own sound core.

Official snesDS home page was located at - and is no longer active.


SnesDS News

Getting the damn APU/CPU sync to work in an efficient manner while maintaining compatibility is the main issue right now IMO. The solutions we've used so far are less than perfect. Personally I'm amazed it's as compatible as it is Smile. That's the reason I keep putting off working on it. Once that is nailed, emulating HDMA will be possible, which brings in windows and maybe even basic color effects. I need to optimize the APU core more which is not exactly trivial as it's 95% asm right now already. Plus debugging a dual processor app with no debugger is a massive pain in the arse. Anyhow, that's just me whining Wink. I'm sure there will be some updates sometime soon.

snesDS is putting the PSP to shame

Madness. The latest release of snesDS runs faster than the latest of MANY versions of ports of Snes9x made to the PSP. Granted, the PSP does have MUCH better compatibility, currently, but it needs to be overclocked to 333 MHz in order to run Super Mario World at full speed with sound. snesDS does this by default. This is a strike at those who look down upon the DS in terms of processing power. And I own both systems, so I am no longer sporting a DS bias.... Ok, maybe a little

Super Mario World runs FULL SPEED, and sound is there too!
I'll post a photo from my camera shortly. Edit: My camera sucks. I can't get a decent picture. Never mind.

Things I've noticed about the new one:
1. Video is now on the top screen
2. Sound is there (although not perfect right now, sometimes when it gets loud it gets staticy)
3. Seems that loopy must be working on the graphics code, because sometimes when you collect Dino coins in Mario World now, they don't disappear.

This is very nice. Good job to both Loopy and gladius on this one.


Inicial release by loopy

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 6:56 pm Post subject: snesDS
It's just a quick & dirty test release. Probably only the most basic games work for now. Enjoy.


(Busy with another project, updates will be slow for a few weeks.)

(10/7/2005) Sound improvements, minor Mode7 fix.
(8/7/2005) Fixed a bug with SRAM, saving should work now.
(8/7/2005) ARM9/ARM7 bins provided for building .NDS (wifi-able) roms. Still very hacky, I'll fix it up later.
(6/7/2005) Made a soundless version (for better compatibility).
(6/7/2005) Fixed a bug so it works with PassMes.
(6/7/2005) Made a build tool (a modified snesadvance builder, works with "superdat" file).
(6/7/2005) Rom menu added.
(6/7/2005) Gamma correction removed.
(6/7/2005) Minor gfx bug fixed.
(6/7/2005) Improved sound.
(5/7/2005) Sound added.
(5/7/2005) Made a cart-only version.
(4/7/2005) First release.

SPC core is based on PocketSPC by gladius.

Big thanks to gladius for picking up the torch while I've been gone.

12-13-2005 - SuperCard SD
12-11-2005 - GBAMP stuff fixed

Download (12-13-2005) 

NesDS for R4 DS Cards Download from SourceForge

(for making .nds files and bin for making .ds.gba files) 
(26-8-2005) Increased volume and added autofire buttons. 
(25-8-2005) Directory traversal for GBAMP fixed. 
(21-8-2005) Sound is mostly working now. GBAMP support was added. 
(9-8-2005) Made a cart version and build tool. The format hasn't changed, so old PocketNES builders should also work. Sound and saving is still broken. 
(7-8-2005) Experimenting with scaling, using tepples' alpha-Lerp technique. Use the touchscreen to adjust. 



Port of snezziboy to the DS


Originally coded by bubble2k, I only ported to the DS, made a few DS related fixes and added my sound core.

Only flashcarts are supported currently

There are two versions now, the sound version, and the no-sound version. Each version has different compatibility.

Instructions: Run "snezzi.exe snesrom.sfc" and the flash the generated file to your flashcard.

Snezzi DS v0.25a (sound version)
Snezzi DS v0.24b (sound version)


The source is up at The DS version is currently a branch off of the GBA version, under the branches/ds directory. You will need devkitarm to compile the DS source, and any PC compiler to compile the builder.


A port of Snezziboy to the DS. Using the pocketspc core for sound.

The source is accessible online at Or you may connect to using a SVN client. The DS tree is currently stored in branches/ds.